Care & Share Vintage

Exclusive and well maintained second hand quality clothing at good prices.

Welcome to “Care & Share Vintage”.

The Mission of Care & Share is to create a social economic and sustainable business,
where we share more with each other, whether in consumption, knowledge/insight or development.

The Vision is that more people are becoming more conscious and sustainable consumers.
Care & Share Vintage is an important part of that step.

We have to save our planet’s resources, care & share the planet.
What could be more natural than to start with ourselves: reuse and share our own consumption of design, art, interiors, clothing, etc.

In this way, we create awareness, balance and sustainability in our very own lives and private consumption.
By recycling we diminish the production of new items, and others will also enjoy, for example, well-maintained and good quality clothing at good prices, and so that they also get awareness, balance and sustainability in their lives …

The good cycle is thus set in motion ♻️

We are continuously updating our stock with more items, so keep an eye on the shop.

You are also welcome in to visit our cozy shop/showroom at Frederiksberg Alle 27B,
1820 Frederiksberg C. We look forward to seeing you.

You can pay by mobile pay or wire transfer. You can choose to collect the goods in Frederiksberg, or pay to have sent goods to you.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

mobile: +45 22961690

Enjoy good finds!

with love
– because we care & share

care & share